Dutch regulations

The tournament will be organized according to the Covid-19 measures present at that time. Towards the tournament we will regularly update the information available on our website.


Next press conference: January 14th, 2022


Dutch regulations

For the latest information of the Dutch government click here.


Travel protocols

To determine what applies to you, it is important whether you are traveling to the Netherlands from a low or high COVID risk country. At this website you can read what you have to do.


Quarantine exceptions

For participants, coaching staff and officials of the adidas Dutch International, there is an exception to the quarantine obligation, which applies to these high risk countries.

What do you need to do to qualify under this exception?

  1. Every participant, coaching staff and official needs an official letter of invitation from the Netherlands Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) to enter the Netherlands. To this end, we will send a separate form to the countries where this applies after registration for the adidas Dutch International has been closed. To fill in that form we need the following information per person: name, role (athlete or supervisor), passport number, date of birth, date of travel, place of origin, date of departure and travel destination.
  2. Every person must complete the 'quarantine declaration' form and be able to hand it over to the authorities upon arrival in the Netherlands. You can find this form here.